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2004 BA Textile Department Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam
2000 MA in sculpture fine Art, Kyoto City University of Art (JP)
1998 BA in sculpture fine Art, Kyoto City University of Art (JP)
2022 “Provocative teapot” Kunst RAI, Amsterdam (NL)
2021 “The way of tea” Elmo Vermijs - “Ijssel Orbit” Ijssel biennale, Deventer (NL)
2021 “The way of tea” Elmo Vermijs - “Ijssel Orbit” ReNature, Den Bosch (NL)
2018 “The sacred Japanese trees in the Pinetum” Solo exhibition, 2016, Het Pinetum, Hilversum NL
2012 “Drawing - the Seeking” Group exhibition Collection of Curiosities 2012, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy in Amsterdam ,(NL)
2012 “Drawing - the Seeking” Group exhibition with Marcel van Etten, CAFA in Beijing (Central Academy of Fine Art) ,(CN)
2011 “The seeking” Group exhibition Lust voor het oog, De Korenbeurs in Schiedam ,(NL)
2011 “At home” with Hibitan in Bussum ,(NL)
2010 “Dream in the sea mixed with sugar” Gourp exhibition Stampot met roodekool, Sieboldhuis in Leiden ,(NL)
2010 “Dream in the sea mixed with sugar” Solo exhibition, Galerie INTERMEZZO in Dordrecht (NL)
2010 “Stampot met Roodekool in Japan” Living Design Cener OZON in Tokyo (JP)
2009 “Stampot met Roodekool” Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy in Amsterdam (NL)
“Open Atelier de Pijp” Cultuurhuis Diamontslijpeir in Amsterdam
“Drawing Haruka Matsuo & Marcel van Etten” Medisch Centrum Bussum Zuid in Bussum (NL)
“Provocative teapots” Werkplaats Willemiene in Amsterdam
2007 “Drawing table cloth and table set”    Chris and Martijn in Amsterdam
2007 “Theater Pompoentje”    Herengracht 498 in Amsterdam
2006 “Sunday Dinner project”    Herengraght 498 inAmsterdam
2006 “Post and Matsuo”    Gallery EM in Schiedam (NL)
2004 “Eindexamen Gerrit Rietveld Academie” in Amsterdam
2003 “Provocative pot” Gallery Intermezzo in Dordrecht (NL)
2002 “Fox and cream” Kyoto art center in Kyoto (JP)
2000-2001 “Boomerang Art Project” in Kyoto-Breman
Drawing Exhibition “First Throw” in Weissraum (JP)
“Boomerang Art Project in Bremen” in Bremen (DU)
1999 “Hospitart” Mie Pre. (JP)
1999 “SONY ART PROJECT”, Tokyo (JP)
1999 “Shadow Impression” (MA), Kyoto (JP)
1997 Group Exhibition in Kyoto (JP)
1997 “ART-MOVE” Kobe Art Village center (JP)
2009 Research in China Guizhou “Emnroidery and daily fice of Miao” (CN)
2008 Giving lecture at Second Polytechnic University in Shanghai (CN)
2007 Artist in residence in Japan     (JP)
2005 Workshop”PROJECT.ABILITY” in Glasgow (UK)
2000 HOSPITART in Kumamoto (JP)
2001 –2003 Workshop”PROJECT.ABILITY”in Glasgow (UK)
2002 Workshop in Atelier Picula in Dordrecht (NL)
2001 “Hep tas” National textile museum knitting contest 2nd prize (NL)
2009 startstipendium (secound time) Fonds voor Beeldende Kunst (NL)
2007 startstipendium Fonds voor Beeldende Kunst (NL)
2004 Beurs van Berlage Foundation (NL)
2002 Pola Foundation for the Promotion of Traditional Japanese Culture (JP)
2002 Saia bunka foundation (JP)
2001 To plan and carry the exchange program “Boomerang Art Project’’ (JP/DE)
2000 (Goethe institute, Pola art foundation, The Japan foundation, Kyoto art center, Nomura international culture foundation, Japan bunka foundation) (JP)

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